About Us


Importer and distributor of cast steel pipes, welded steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes and equipment, materials and accessories: valves, taps, flanges, coils, numbs… specialized for water supply and drainage systems, shipbuilding systems, refrigeration systems, boilers, food technology, petrochemicals and fire protection (fire protection).

With many years of experience, we always satisfy customers with the highest quality products, in accordance with the needs of the market. Coming to our company, customers will have many options with a variety of goods, competitive prices, flexible payment, dedicated service.

Is a brand management and marketing professional in the Vietnam market, we are currently developing and delivering the brand is very popular in the market through the  PIPE, VALVE INDUSTRIAL  and  ACCESSORIES  of many manufacturing countries such as:  USA - Italy - Turkey - Japan - China - Vietnam  with brands such as  Valvotubi (Valves, Flexible Couplings and Control Valves), Itap (Valves), Minh Hoa (Valves, Accessories), FKK (Welding Pipe Accessories), SON (Threaded fittings), MECH (Threaded fittings), SeAH (Steel pipes), Tien Phong (Plastic pipes), ...

With the motto:  "Prestige - Quality - Reasonable Price - Fast Delivery" ,  along with a team of dynamic, professional, enthusiastic and experienced engineers, sales and technical consultants. successfully developed a number of other brands in the Vietnamese market.

We will best meet the needs of customers now and in the future./.

Best regards!