Shipping Policy - Transport

- The supplies products nationwide and exports.

- Please check the product immediately upon receipt. After successful delivery of the product, the Company will be exempt from liability.

- Product delivery time may be slower than expected due to a number of reasons such as: Customer address not provided correctly, Customer not at home, Dispatcher can not contact customer, fire, etc. If for the reason of our company, we will contact you to arrange the delivery time later.

- If the number of expected time that customers have not received the product, please respond to our company to overcome the fastest. If you have any questions about delivery information please contact Hotline: 0839 555 005 to get help.

Currently, we have the following forms of delivery:

1. Receiving goods directly at the company:

With customers coming to the branch, you will receive directly at the address:

1350 3/2 Street, Ward 02, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

2. Deliver the product at the address of the customer

- For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, our company will have delivery staff and payment in place at the address that customers have provided.

- Ordinary purchase orders within the day and within 20km (total return and return): will be processed orders and delivered within the day or time required.

- For distance orders, our company will specifically inform the estimated delivery time

- Some products need to be pre-booked, you will be notified specifically about the time of receipt

- Our company will contact in advance to arrange the time, place specific to delivery to you.

3. The delivery staff deliver the product at the address provided by the customer

- For customers in remote districts, if we can not deliver goods, we will authorize some delivery units such as VNPT, Viettel, fast delivery or some transfer units. Other reputable.

- When ordering, please complete and correct the required information to facilitate us in providing products and receive payment quickly. We are not responsible for delays or misplacements as the information provided by you is inaccurate.

- Delivery time depends on your choice of courier or regular delivery, this time is only relative.

- Courier: 1 to 2 days

- Delivery: 3 to 5 days

- Note: Do not include holidays, Saturday, Sunday ...)

Delivery through passenger cars (garage) at the bus station

- Usually this form of delivery will apply to customers in remote districts and provinces; And you have friends - relatives, trust in passenger car.

- Our company will deliver to customers by passenger car according to customer requirements.

- Please provide the correct vehicle information to us: Name of car (name of car), Full name of car owner (or driver, extra car), License plate number, time of arrival and departure bus stations, ... and some other information.

- Please pay the entire value of the order before our company or car owner (home) will pay the entire value of the order before receiving. At the same time, you should ask the car owner (the consignee from our company) carefully check the product before receipt because our company is not responsible for broken products after transfer.