• CPSN-MCB271-S1-041

Remote I / O controller (4 slots)

Model: LRKV99

JAN code: 4993973109879

It is a remote I / O model CPU unit equipped with a LAN interface, RS-232C, and a 4-slot expansion slot. You can freely combine CONPROSYS nano series I / O modules as needed. In addition, it supports control from a Windows / Linux PC, Modbus TCP Slave, and Modbus RTU Slave.


Addition of I / O modules

With this product, you can freely add I / O modules from the various I / O modules of the CONPROSYS nano series according to the required functions.

Supports RS-232C serial communication, up to 921,600 bps

It is equipped with one RS-232C compliant serial port, and the baud rate can be set from 110 to 921,600 bps.

Supports ambient temperature of -20 to + 60 ° C

It is compatible with ambient temperature environments of -20 to + 60 ° C and can be used in various environments.

Supports Modbus TCP Slave and Modbus RTU Slave

Modbus is a communication protocol widely adopted in the industrial field. You can collect and control data from higher-level communication devices that have the Modbus master function.

Compatible with Windows driver software

It is equipped with the original protocol (F & eIT protocol) based on UDP / IP, and you can create applications using the Windows version driver software provided in the Win32 API function (DLL) format. In addition, we provide a diagnostic program, so you can easily check whether the software and hardware are operating normally.

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  • Brand: Contec
  • Product Code: LRKV99
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