• FXS3001-CN

[China only] FLEX LAN wireless LAN module

Model: LRKX40

JAN code: 4993973111285

It is a wireless LAN converter that has acquired the certification of the Chinese Radio Law. It complies with the wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11n / a / b / g and supports a wide input power supply (5-30VDC).
You can build a wireless LAN system without depending on the OS or CPU by simply connecting to the LAN port (RJ-45 connector) of a LAN compatible device with a LAN cable.

* This product cannot be used in Japan.


Compliant with 4 standards of IEEE802.11n / a (W52 / W58 * 1) / b / g

You can select from 9ch (W52 / W58 * 1) in the 5GHz band (IEEE802.11n / a) and 1 to 13ch in the 2.4GHz band IEEE802.11n / g / b, enabling flexible wireless network design considering radio wave interference. is. It also supports the IEEE802.11n standard dual channel (using 40MHz width).
* 1 W52: 36, 40, 44, 48ch, W58: 149,153,157,161,165ch

Can be switched to a station (slave station), access point (master station), or repeater

By switching the mode, it can be operated not only as a station (slave station) but also as an access point (master station) or repeater. It can be used as an access point or repeater.

Equipped with WSL, an original encryption technology that can be used with WPA2 / WPA and WEP

In addition to the advanced security standards WPA2 / WPA and IEEE802.1X authentication, it is also equipped with the original encryption technology WSL that can be used in combination with these. It also supports MAC address filtering and hiding ESSID.

Equipped with various functions such as VLAN and virtual AP functions

It is equipped with a VLAN function for building a virtual network and a virtual AP function that allows one AP to operate as multiple virtual APs and allow different security settings. In addition, a large amount of event logs (7 times that of conventional products: about 15,000) can be saved.

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