• BX-220D-DC600000

Box computer 220 series

Model: LRKT15

JAN code: 4993973549965

By adopting a quad-core CPU, this product realizes stable and high-speed processing of four applications at the same time with four cores, and has significantly improved computing power and graphic performance by about four times compared to conventional products, and power consumption. Has been significantly reduced and is more than double the power efficiency compared to previous generation architectures. It is a space-saving design that can be installed in a small area that is almost the size of a new book. As a "resource-saving PC" that contributes to the miniaturization and energy saving of equipment, we will contribute to the reduction of running costs and the promotion of energy saving for our customers.
It is equipped with expansion interfaces such as DVI-I, Display Port, 1000BASE-T, USB3.0, and serial. It is fanless and has a completely spindleless design that uses a CFast card for storage, making maintenance easy.
In addition, this product is equipped with a unique extended RAS * 1 function that is independent of the main computer function. This function automatically restarts the system when a program hangs, OS boot failure, or internal temperature rise abnormality detection, saves a detailed log of abnormal occurrence details useful for failure analysis, and enhances system reliability. It provides various functions.
Embedded type is adopted for CPU. You can use it with confidence by using parts that can be stably supplied. In addition, we have adopted our own customized BIOS, which enables support at the BIOS level.

This product is a model with 2GB of memory, no OS, and no storage.


Contributes to running cost reduction and energy saving

It uses the low power platform Intel® AtomTM processor E3845 to achieve low power consumption while ensuring sufficient performance.

Contributes to the miniaturization of equipment. Installation area Ultra small PC with almost new book size

It is the smallest [178 (W) x 115 (D) x 29 (H)] and lightest [800g] PC in the series that can be installed anywhere. It can be installed in a small installation area, which is almost the size of a new book. It greatly contributes to the miniaturization of the customer's equipment and does not impair the design regardless of the installation location.

Slitless and fanless design that reduces maintenance and inspection work

It is a completely spindleless design that eliminates heat dissipation slits and CPU fans and uses a CFast card for storage. There is no need to worry about dust and foreign matter entering, and the use of parts that deteriorate over time is minimized, greatly reducing the burden of maintenance and inspection work.

Peripheral devices can be expanded freely. Twin CFast card slot and other rich interfaces

Equipped with expansion interfaces such as DVI-I x 1, Display Port x 1, 1000BASE-T x 2, USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 2, serial (RS-232C) x 2. Equipped with 2 CFast card slots (1 slot is built into the main unit), the OS and data can be separated, one for system startup, the other for maintenance and system log / take-out of collected data. It is very convenient because it can be taken.

Equipped with a monitoring function that improves the reliability of industrial equipment

Equipped with a sub CPU for monitoring, it has functions to save failure occurrence logs and restart the OS / power supply, such as startup failure, temperature abnormality, OS operation abnormality, and insertion / removal of recording media while the power is on. By recording the energizing time and operating time and predicting the failure of life parts in advance, we will realize the construction of a reliable and highly reliable industrial system.

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