• PT-310LS-AC353112

Panel computer 310 series

Model: LRKU28

JAN code: 4993973108162

It is a fanless panel computer equipped with ARM Cortex-A8 AM3354 600MHz.
Equipped with various interfaces such as USB, SD card, 100BASE-TX, and serial, it can be widely used as a general-purpose terminal for embedded applications. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is adopted as the embedded OS and operating OS, and the OS and user programs are loaded from the Flash ROM, realizing diskless hardware that does not require a shutdown process.
This product can be used for various purposes as a controller for operation terminals such as manufacturing lines in factories and delivery systems. (Fanless, ARM Cortex-A8, SD, WEC7, AC input)
12.1 inch panel mount WEC7 English model (512MB SD)


Improved durability by adopting a 5-wire resistive touch panel

By adopting a 5-wire resistive touch panel with excellent durability, the keystroke life has been extended from 1 million times to 36 million times * 1 compared to the conventional product IPC-PT / LS11 series.

* 1 Load 300g, speed 2 times / sec, numerical value by mechanical keying.

IP65 standard dustproof and drip-proof structure on the front

The front part has a structure that complies with the IP65 standard that can withstand dust and water flow.

Slitless and fanless design that reduces maintenance and inspection work

It is a completely spindleless design that eliminates heat dissipation slits and CPU fans and uses an SD card for storage. There is no need to worry about dust and foreign matter entering, and the use of parts that deteriorate over time is minimized, greatly reducing the burden of maintenance and inspection work.

Peripheral devices can be expanded freely. Rich interface

Serial 3ch (RS-232C x 2, RS-422A / 485 x 1), USB, SD card slot, 100BASE-TX, general-purpose isolated digital input / output 4 points each, stereo sound function as standard equipment. Equipped with I / F driver as standard

Prepared disconnection prevention metal fittings and fixed clamps to avoid troubles due to cable disconnection

The USB disconnection prevention bracket and cable fixing clamp prevent the connector that does not have a lock mechanism such as the USB cable from disconnecting, and the SD card disconnection prevention bracket can prevent the SD card from disconnecting, avoiding unnecessary troubles. ..

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