• CPS-MCS341-DS1-131

M2M controller stack OPC UA

Model: LRKV32

JAN code: 4993973109206

It is an M2M controller equipped with isolated digital input / output (4 input / output points), RS-232C, LAN interface, and Ethernet Hub. You can combine CONPROSYS series stack type modules to suit your needs. In addition, everything from development to operation is realized by the operation of the Web browser. Equipped with functions such as Web monitoring of I / O information, alarm processing based on I / O information, and task branching, you can build a cloud system at low cost and in a short time. In addition, it is equipped with an OPC UA server function, which enables direct communication with HMI and SCADA software that supports OPC UA clients provided by each company.


Equipped with OPC UA server function

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a protocol newly developed based on the OPC specifications that enables not only the exchange of equipment and plant data but also communication with higher-level systems. OPC UA is a TCP-based platform-independent protocol. This product can be used from HMI and SCADA software that supports OPC UA clients provided by each company.

Measurement / upload

Measure with an externally connected sensor and upload the data to the cloud server.

Web monitoring

Equipped with a Web server (Java applet) function. You can monitor and update I / O information from a remote computer with a Web browser. You can freely lay out standard GUI parts (graphics, sliders, buttons, etc.) on the monitoring screen. All operations, such as monitoring layouts and associating with I / O information, are completed with just a Web browser operation.

Web task script

By combining icons such as calculation, conditional branching, and data output, you can describe the execution process and its process with the image of writing in a flowchart. All operations are completed only by operating a web browser.

Supports ambient temperature of -20 to + 60 ° C

It is compatible with ambient temperature environments of -20 to + 60 ° C and can be used in various environments.

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  • Brand: Contec
  • Product Code: LRKV32
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